Thursday, May 8, 2008

I like to do housework at night, cannot meh?

While i'm cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, I suddenly felt the filter of the hood is very oily. It's about 10pm on a Wednesday night, I was thinking whether to clean or not to clean. Finally I took down the filter and clean it. While cleaning it, I felt the hood itself also very oily, so i cleaned the hood as well. Since i'm cleaning the hood, might as well clean the gas stove (normally i just wipe after clean).

So end up i cleaned the whole kitchen, the washing machine, the fridge and the walls. FL looked at me and said, what is wrong with you, you prefer to do housework in the middle of the night ya..

Well well, i do when i got mood, and so ngam when i got mood it's night time mar.. By the time i finished cleaning the kitchen, it's already 12am+ and I haven't take my bath yet. So tonight what time sleep? I don't know, cos now i'm blogging.. hehe..ya..that's me...


Ciyou said...

last time during collage, my housemate even wash clothers at 4am. Handwash. Haha. So your case is still normal

Joyce said...

I guess as long as it won't disturb other ppl (like vacumn, very noisy, canot lar..), it should be ok lor..