Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm a night kaki!!

For this entire week (since last Sunday), I slept approx 4 hours per day. (bear in mind, i'm not that kind of ppl which only need a few hours, i need at least 10 hours every day one.. hehe..). Every night I go to bed at about 3am+ and woke up at 8am the next morning. I felt so tired during the day, sleepy, I looked like a zombie, talked like a ghost (woo..yerrr..yiii), worked like a monster, hehe, but at night, especially when it's almost 12 mid night, i became very alert.

What is wrong with me? A minute before i'm still so tired, the next minute i became so alert and can go kill a tiger?? Hmm, if my company let me worked at home, and allow me to work at whichever time i like, i guess i might be able to work faster!!

See, it's almost 2am now and i'm still blogging. :p tomorrow need to wake up early some more.. ~sigh, no wonder i looked so old.. nv heard ppl say before meh? a gal cannot 'ngai yeh'(stays up late) one...:p

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