Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I LOST $$$$$$!!!!

I always got no luck when comes to gamble. When I was young, i used to gamble with my cousins during CNY. dun play play oh, young young already knows how to gamble :p. we played black jack and I'm always the one who lost money, that is why everyone loves to play with me. hehe..When grew older a bit, i played mahjong with my friends, we're just playing for fun, no money involved, but still i'm the one losing..

During my genting trip, i went to the casino as well. Normally i will only play the "tiger machine", but dono why this time, i decided to try my luck on the tables. (perhaps i wrote too much posts on gambles? die lor..) I do not know how these things works, so i surveyed each and every table. After surveying for quite some time, i decided to try my luck on roulette. hehe... tried betting 4 times, only 1 winning out of the 4 times betting. Then FL let me tried the 3 cards, and it was sooo embarassing. U know 3 cards is those they total up and see who got the larget number. So i got 2 pictures and a 10 and i was sooo happy till FL told me.. hey, u got 0 lar, which is the smallest!! why u so happy some more? aiseh, 2 pictures and a 10 not equals to 10 meh? what lar....

so after almost 5 hours in the casino, i lost ....... RM60!!! hehe.. maybe u'll say, aiyar, RM60 only mar. well to me it's quite a lot leh. hehe. but it's a good experience though, it's fun to play, but don't ever get yourself addicted to it!!

Do you gamble?

p/s: don't get me wrong, i'm not encouraging ppl to gamble ya.. :)


Anonymous said...

ha..another 白金contributor to uncle lim feneral. Many ppl tot after uncle lim pass away sure can win genting $$, so genting suddenly very the end every1 loss $$. 小赌怡情,大赌成家立业。

Joyce said...

haha, ya ya i heard ppl saying tat also.. some even said, go pay respect to uncle lim first, then he will 'bou yao' you to win money.. haha so funny. how will he 'bou yao' you, it's his business leh... of cos he will hope u lose ma..

TenthOfMarch said...

I don't gamble. I know it can be very addictive. One of the reasons I don't gamble is because I always lose when I gamble. Which is good. Gambling is not healthy anyway.