Sunday, October 28, 2007

What is this?

I received this as a free gift few months ago.
i really dono what is that.. decoration stuff?
i put it aside until today, when i was tidy up my
stuff, i saw this again...
i decided to open up and see what is this!!

i carefully take it out from the box.
why have to becareful?
cos of the silver powder (jing fen)..
it'll dropped everywhere...

oo, now i know what is this...
do you? hehe...

yes that's right. It's a candle!!
i wonder who is the one design this thing.. hehe...
it's actually quite.. erm... useless..
why? although it's a candle,
i dun think i will ever used it.
cos the powder dropped everywhere..
if you said it's for decoration,
i dun feel it's nice too..
just keep it aside lar.. till i find someone that
appreciate this.... i'll give it away. hehe..

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