Wednesday, October 31, 2007

113 posts for October!!

WOW! I've broke my own record! I started this blog at the end of March. For March, I posted 1 post, then in April, i posted 22 posts. Its a good sign right? It means i started to feel comfortable in blogging. It's continuously increasing, for the month of May, i posted 9 more posts which is 31 posts.

Then June I started to get addicted to blogging, haha, i doubled up my posts, which is 68 posts. Then 3 more posts for July, 71 posts, August dropped a bit, only posted 69 posts. In the month of September, I posted 84 posts, wow..and guess how many posts i've posted for the month of October? 113 posts!! WOOHOO!!!

If you were to divide 113 by 31 days, approximately I post 3.6 posts per day!! hehe, am i posting too much? Are you having difficulties reading all my posts as i post too often? hopefully not lar..In fact, i hope i can post more and more and more!! :) stay tune..

1 comment:

Shirazi said...

Great number. Keep it up. I have added you in my technorati favorits with pleasure.