Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Machine Checked-In

We went to Genting on the 29 of october.. to attend Uncle Lim's funeral... :p no lar, just joking, we booked the hotel room few weeks earlier, can't cancelled cos already booked and paid..we're soooooo lucky rite?? hehe.. ~sigh, all entertainment stuff (theme park, casinos and etc) will be closed from 6am-6pm, must be super quiet lar without these entertainment stuff @ Genting..

we started our journey about 2:30pm, scared jam mar, cos funeral finished at 1pm. hmm, quite smooth and no jam, we passed by uncle lim's grave yard, still got lot's of cars and lot's of ppl there. Too bad we are not allowed to go in, else i think i'll go in and pay my respect to him.

We reached Genting around 4pm, parked our car at the First World's Hotel car park and went up to the lobby to check in. At first we wanted to book online, but all fully booked, we ended up booked through phone. We went to the counter, showed the staff the reference number, then she asked us to use the machine check in to get our keys.

Machine check in? wow, few yrs didn't go genting they already got machine check in ar? not bad wor.. let's see how these machines works...

these are the machines, there are 3 of them.

we are required to insert either the
world card or our myKad.

FL inserted his myKad.

After pressed pressed pressed, we got our receipt.
The receipt contains all the information,
your name, your room no, checked-in and
checked-out date & time,
and the free breakfast coupon.

lastly, the key to our room..
cool, we'll be staying on the 27th floor..

advanced leh, the machine checked in.. hehe. okok, maybe i'm just too outdated lar.. you probably already know about this, but this is definitely the first time i heard and used the machine. hmm, i feel it's quite good, they should have more of these machines... For those of you that haven't tried this b4, make sure you try lar when u go genting.. hehe.. must experience some new technology mar.. hehe..

the view from the 27th floor..
nice hor..

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