Thursday, October 18, 2007

Public Bank? No THANK YOU!!! ~ Part 3

After I spoke to the customer service at the public bank branch yesterday, I decided to call the customer service hotline again, to double check on my card application status. They confirmed HQ received my application what, so nothing to do with the branch anymore lar..

Again after waiting and waiting, pressing and pressing, another rude customer service answered my call, when I told him the situation, he said, checked with the branch lar.. then i said i ALREADY checked with the branch, then he said checked with the HQ lar.. it makes me wonder, if got things happened i have to check with the branch or the HQ, why public bank hire you guys ar? just to tell me to check with the branch or check with the HQ??

I decided to gao dim this thing once and for all (sounds serious hor. hehe..) sick of wasting my money to call these customer service that doesn't help at all. I will gonna used my one hour lunch time to go talk to the branch customer service, until they gave me a satisfied answer. hehe don't worry, i'm not skipping my lunch for this.. :p i brought my lunch box... hehe..

I went there at 12pm sharp (less ppl ma..) there's 2 ppl before me.. i go pressed the number (ask ppl to press number, but end up they served those cut queue ppl first...what la...) so after being cut queue twice, i'm being served after half an hour later.

I explained the whole situation again, then again she called the customer service, enter my IC No. and yes, it's still not in their record. So she called someone, from the HQ i guess, to check. The HQ ppl asked her when she sent in, by who and blah blah blah.. and end up, asked me to wait till next week! i don't want to wait till next week!! i want everything to settle by today!! either tell me wat's my card application status, or i'll withdraw my application!

She seems happy when i said i want to withdraw my application, maybe becos she doens't need to follow up for me anymore gua.. So she told me, if you want to withdraw, and IF the HQ found your application, they will sent me a letter asking me to deposit RM 25. So what i need to do is ignore that letter and don't deposit that RM25. My card will be terminated automatically.. (dono when la..) So this is the solution she gave me.. so that i stop bugging her...

ok la, since u said so... i'll go apply from the Al-Rajhi Bank on monday.. I'm so glad that I don't need to call the public bank customer service again!!


Anonymous said...

Complaints Unit
Department Name: Customer Services Department
Address: 13th Floor, Menara Public Bank, 146 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone: 1 800 883 318 (Free Toll) / +60 3 2176 6000 / 6666 (GL) / +60 3 2176 6894 / 6156 / 6220 (DL) /

Anonymous said...

damn cham la u.....i would have made a huge scene if i was in that situation.

khengsiong said...

Guess every bank sucks. I personally have bad experience with Citibank. Another blogger cursed CIMB.

My own story:
I forgot my ATM pin for credit card and decided to request for new one. The CS people told me that I had to fill up a form. But they faxed the wrong form to me - twice!

Anonymous said...

they need to learn what's customer service!

Anonymous said...

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