Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Yucky Buffet Dinner @ Genting Hotel

Everyone knows food @ Genting are expensive. Fast foods like mcD or KFC are all more expensive than the normal price. Other food also more expensive, like for eg, my ex colleague told me, the other day she had the Bak Kut Teh at one of the shop there, one person RM18, rice, RM2 per bowl, so one person need about RM20++ ...That is why I always tell ppl, the best thing to eat in Genting will be the buffet. Why? Price probably around RM30 per person, you can take ur time to eat slowly, more variety, include drinks, desserts and etc.

Before I go Genting, i browse the genting website, to see which buffet is cheaper. hehe.. long time nv go, so must do research a bit.. I always thought First world Hotel's buffet will be the cheapest, but apparently, it's the most expensive among all, RM34++ per person. Wow.. then i saw the Genting Hotel's buffet are quite ok, RM30 per person, if you go between 5pm-7pm, they got this early bird promotion which entitled for 20% discount. Hmm, not bad wat.. Therefore we've decided to have our buffet dinner at the Genting Hotel.

It's quite boring when the entertainment stuff closed (from 6am-6pm), since there's nothing much to do, we decided to have our dinner earlier, got 20% discount some more mar. hehe.. So we headed over to Genting Hotel to have our buffet dinner, RM55+ for 2 person after discount. We were quite happy for the cheap price..UNTIL..... we saw the food!!

There's very little choice, let's see, white rice, fried kuey tiaw ('yat pek yeh' like tat with no taste), pongteh chicken (yuck!! i think the one i cooked taste better!!), sweet and sour beef(i think this is the best dish among all lar..), kung pou Squid that don't taste like kung pou at all.. and toooo watery..., steam egg with lot's of water.., white porridge, chicken rice that don't taste like chicken rice .. and i think that's almost it. Fruits, very little, only water melon and honey dew and little bit of papaya, cakes & kuih also not nice.. Coffee taste like sugar, Teh tarik without the taste of milk...Anyway, i dun find anything nice there...

If you say, aiyar, cheap mar cannot aspect too much... well, one person including tax = RM30 is not consider very cheap also mar.. they should have provide us with better food lar.. at least more presentable food...

~sigh.. no more next time lar. i think if i were to go Genting again, i'll take fast food for dinner lar.. or else, go into the Monte Carlo casino, the food in the Hong Yun restaurant there quite nice.. buffet supper only costs RM13+ per person...maybe skip dinner and take supper lar. wuahahahhaha.. cheap and nice mar..

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