Thursday, November 1, 2007

How far can you tolerate?

Well, we all know outside food are not that clean as compared to our own home cooked food. Even you are eating at a 5 star hotel, you won't know how clean is their kitchen. But as long as we don't see it with our own eyes, i think it should be ok la. rite?

I remembered i once ate a noodle soup at some stall at petaling street few years ago. That stall located at the back lane, one of my friend told me it's famous and it's nice, that is why we went there makan. While i was eating, i saw rats running around.. The food is quite nice, but i really cannot pretend that i don't see those rats running around. End up? I faster cabut lar without finishing my noodle soup.

Then there's another time, i was at this mamak near my place. Well, you all know how clean are these mamak lar.. anyway, we were sitting at the road side there. my direction is facing the big longkang, no smell lar, and got cover up one. So while i was eating, i saw cockroaches crawling out, not one, not two but A LOT A LOT A LOT!!!!!!! more than 10!!! although i'm far from them, but i really no appetite to eat already...

can you tolerate these? can you continue to eat with ur eye shut?

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