Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anybody looking for a job?

I always thought year end got less job offers, why? cos everyone is waiting for the bonus then only cabut mar, hehe... but it doesn't seems like this for this yr, why?

First, i got a call from jobstreet asking me to update my resume cos there are currently a lot of job offers there and by updating my resume, they can sent me the matching ones. Then an ex colleague of mine asked me whether got friends to intro or not, his company got a few job vacancies available. Then, a friend's friend head hunters looking for IT ppl, another friend's friend headhunter also looking for ppl, so it's like everywhere is also hiring wor..

who say year end no job opening?

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kljs said...

Year end usually companies need to hire new staff. Some of their older staff either get VSS, Retrenched or quit or whatever reason they leave the company.