Monday, December 3, 2007

Facebook's email notifications.. arggggg!!!!

I have been receiving email notifications from Facebook, everyday at least 5 to 10 emails. Ppl poke me lar, hug me lar, x me lar, bite me lar, all sorts of information. It's quite annoying! I decided to login to Facebook to see whether I can disable these emails notifcations or not. I clicked on the 'accounts' then there's this tab 'notifications'. There were this on and off radio button for us to select whether which are the ones we would like to have notifications. So what i did is to select off for all kinds of notifications and saved!

Am i free from facebook's notifications? NO! i'm not! At first i thought i will not be receiving anything from facebook but a few minutes later, i started to get notifications on someone poking me AGAIN!! OH MY GOD! then of cos, if i can received the poke notifications, for sure i can received the hug, bite, x notifications!!!

Anybody knows how to switch OFF these notifications?? ^#*$#$#(%$&%($*&%($&


Anonymous said...

Edit applications settings ( Uncheck News Feed and Mini-Feed (or possibly any other things)

Joyce said...

wow, i got more than 30 applications added to my facebook, i need to go uncheck one by one ar.. ~sigh
who asked me go add all these things one...

by the way, thanks for the info. I'll go unchecked those hug, x, bite, poke one first..