Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Buy a HP desktop worth RM 1399 for only RM 290!!!

My brother called me the other day and asked me.. Hey, RM 290 for a HP desktop, worth to buy or not? I was in the middle of nowhere (hehe, no la, i'm working lar) when he called. The first reaction i gave was, 'huh? wat you talking?'

He then asked me to go check out the citibank website, look for the Citibank Air Asia Credit Card. Ooo, that one ar? Must read all the terms and conditions wor.. I already kena con so many times by credit card companies, sure got to be careful lar. hehe..

"Buy HP Compaq Presario PC worth RM 1399 for only RM 290!!" These words were in bold, blind also can see la. hehe.. Anyway, it's quite attractive, RM 290 for a desktop wor, a monitor also worth more than that la. right? Wait, i saw something, they will charged another RM 150 for delivery charges.. hmm, RM 440, still worth it what... How's the specs like?
AMD Sempron
256MB memory
17" CRT monitor
Microsoft Vista Starter Edition
Free 1-month StreamyX(Hotspot connectivity)
Ei, not bad mar, for a RM 440 desktop, right? Even better than my desktop at home ler. hehe... i told my brother to go ahead and buy it lar, should be ok one, not unless there's some extra terms n conditions that they never showed it to us as i've read every single word!!

Anybody got apply this card? Got any other extra conditions or not??


Ciyou said...

I got apply the credit card, but I was not interested in the PC, I prefer laptop.

Joyce said...

laptop how much? RM2K izzit? But we can get a quite good notebook with RM 2K+ wor... my ex colleague just got himself a dell notebook with RM 2.2K

Hester said...

Last week, finally i saw the PC which you mentioned...i think quite worth for RM440(RM290 for the PC+RM150 for delivery fee)...hehe i bought that PC for my younger brother...not bad ^_^