Thursday, December 27, 2007

Encouraging or Discouraging?

This morning I heard from the radio that if we buy SmartTag now, we can get a 10% discount. If i'm not mistaken SmartTag costs about RM 100 right? with 10% discount that means we still need to pay RM 90 lar!

Sometimes I really don't understand what these toll companies had in mine. They want to encourage ppl to use smarttag and touch n go. SmartTag so damn expensive, and the thing that really pissed me off is, when you want to buy it, they tell you out of stock. If you wanna encourage ppl to use, stock more lar, aiseh.. As for the touch n go, instead of giving discount, we need to pay for extra 50 cents when we reload our card (unless we reload at the tolls).

Hey, if more ppl use SmartTag & touch n go, that means you can hire less ppl at the cash counters, we are helping you to save money and yet we need to pay extra for that? I wonder, are you encouraging ppl to use or discouraging?

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