Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Department Hopping

Sometimes I kind of envy my friends that work in big companies. Why ar? Everybody knows working in big companies means good benefits, bonus and etc. But i don't envy them because of these things. The thing i envy is the chance to transfer to departments, different departments.

For eg, my friend was in dept A when she just joined the comp, a yr later, she felt boring and requested to join dept B. She got 0 knowledge on the things she needs to do in Dept B but still they accepted her. When she transferred over to dept B, there's an increment for her, it's still the same old working environment BUT with new and more challenging work! How nice!! Then she can keep on requesting to transfer dept whenever she feels bored and keep on learning new things. This is the thing i envy!!

Job hopping is no fun, but dept hopping sounds fun! Don't you think so?

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kljs said...

eh...... can job hopping so easily? Won't it give a bad impression to the next company?