Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gift exchange in the office ~ Part 2

Did you guys guess correctly what i buy for my company's gift exchange party? We have company lunch, gifts and lucky draw today. The lunch so so only, i didn't expect much on catering food, here's our gifts...

presents, presents presents.
which one is mine?

we have only 3 prizes for lucky draw, the 1st prize worth RM 300. Did i get it? well, no lar, i normally don't have this kind of luck one.. hehe, I'm not sure what is the 2nd and 3rd prize, but the 1st prize is....

woo-hoo, nice mp3/mp4 player worth
RM 300!! Congrats, SH for being
so lucky!!

As for the gift i prepared, I wanted to buy something useful, something that can be used by both guys and gals. I do not have any idea what to buy at first, when i was shopping at ikea, i saw something which the price is ok, and it's suitable for both guys and gals. what's that??

a throw blanket from Ikea!!
hopefully my colleague, teh,
likes this gift lar..
so what did i get?

my gift!! before i opened it,
i already know what is it. hehe...
by looking at the size, are u able to
guess what is it?

Ferrero Rocher!
a lot of ppl likes to buy chocolate
as a gift, especially Ferrero Rocher! hehe..
not bad la.. everyone is happy with their gifts!
Did you have gift exchange party in your office too?

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