Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Decorations @ One Utama

I finally went to One Utama last Sunday after my friend, ws told me the Christmas decorations @ One-U are the best among all! Serious ar? Let's see..

took this from 3rd floor..
not bad hor..

got stalls beside..selling all kinds of things.

few Christmas trees at the side of the stage.

This is the star of the day, so many ppl
requests to take photo with him. hehe..
There's actually 2 person one, but when i came down,
the other guy dono go where liao..

ws ar, i still think Pavilion one nicer wor. hehe... :p what about you? which Christmas decorations you prefer the most?

1 comment:

Hester said...

hehe, the big nutcracker in the middle and those small nutcracker actually can move...only for certain time range...hehe...i saw it moving...quite nice
Pavilion, also not bad... ^_^