Friday, December 21, 2007

Change fee RM 150 to change flight @ Air Asia

I booked the air ticket to Bangkok from Air Asia few months ago during the Air Asia promotion, when they give out free air tickets. I got two tickets for free but I still need to pay for the tax, so for return tickets, for 2 person, we need to pay RM 400+.

We plan to use the RM 300 voucher to change our flight, as we wished to extend our stay in Bangkok since we also not sure how to use that RM 300 air asia voucher (voucher can only be used to pay for the air ticket, tax and etc all cannot use). So i login to air asia and change the flight, change from monday to tuesday, have to repay the tax, and also have to pay an extra change fee (Rm 150 for 2 person) to Air Asia. The total that we need to pay is RM 500+!

I bought 2 return ticket for only RM 400+ but to change the flight i need to pay another RM 500+?? wow, that is very expensive. Even i used the RM 300 voucher i still need to pay for another RM 200!! Totally not worth it!!

Why they need to charge so much for the change fee?? RM 75 per person leh!! 'eat water so deep' (sek shui sam)!!


kljs said...

Wah..... pay almost half the amount to change a flight? Remind me never to use Airasia!

Joyce said...

can still use air asia lar, just don't change flight lar, hehe..

Anonymous said...

Did you really think AirAsia can sell free tickets all the time and not go bankrupt? Come on, the fees are hidden...

Anonymous said...

i was charged more than the price of my ticket to have the date change! :<
80sgd admin fee!!!

iffatali said...

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