Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Happy Dong Zhi!! (冬至快乐)

Are you a chinese? if yes you definitely know what day is today.. Today is the 'tong yuen' day!! haha.. Do you know why we need to eat 'tong yuen'? It is because.. erm.. I also not very sure. :p What i know is we need to eat 'tong yuen' with our family, something like family getting together (团圆). Did i explain correctly? haha..

anyway, not every family got eat 'tong yuen' on this day, my family doesn't have. But i think, it's good to continue this kind of chinese festival celebration, else our next generation won't know about this anymore lar. right?

I did try to make my own 'tong yuen' last yr, yes I made it myself with glutinous flour!! haha, unbelievable? It's true lar, my very first time with glutinous flour, made those plain one, inside kosong one. This year, i do not have time to make, so I decided to buy those ready made one, saw a lot at Carrefour the other day, a lot of flavour some more..

So have you eaten any 'tong yuen' yet? I had mine already!! hehe.. if you haven't eat, I belanja you lar, can see cannot touch that type. :p

Happy Eating Tong Yuen!! Happy Dong Zhi!!

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