Monday, December 3, 2007

Don't ever borrow your car loan with the car company!

I got very frusfrated when I need to issue cheque for my car loan every month. Why? Well, I'm not borrowing from the bank, I'm actually borrowing money from the car company itself. Why? Thanks to the sales person, I was unlucky to get this kind of sales ppl to serve me. After I found out he lied to me (about when can i get the car, borrow from his company in order to get the car faster), i lodged a complaint to his company to complaint about him!

Anyway, what makes me so frusfrated? Issuing cheque is ok, the problem is whenever i need to pay for the car loan, besides the cheque, i also need to fill in some details on a payment coupon book. I need to send that together with the cheque to the car company. What do i need to fill in every month? I need to fill in my name, my addresss, the amount i paid, my cheque number, my cheque issued place, my agreement no, my vehicle no and etc. Yes i need to fill all these EVERY month!!

When everyone is talking about online payment, they are still using this traditional way to keep track of the payment from us, the borrower. I was so so so so so regret why I believed that stupid sales man and go apply the loan from the car company instead of the bank. If i applied from the bank, i will not need to go through all these hassle and i can just pay online! #$&$#@$(%#(&%#&#$.. yes you are right, I'm issuing the cheque and filling up the stupid payment coupon now!!

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