Monday, December 10, 2007

White Christmas @ The Pavilion, KL

We took the opportunity to go to The Pavilion after we finished our mission @ the pc fair. The Pavilion opened few months ago but I do not have the chance to visit it. It's quite far from my place and I heard a lot of my friends said the things there are expensive. So this would be the best chance to go since we were already in KL, save petrol mar. hehe..

My first impression was, wow, nice.. it's classy, all the shops already opened, and the things there are not as expensive as the one in The Garden, Midvalley. There are expensive branded shops but at the same time, they also have some not so expensive shop for ppl like us to shop. And how's their Christmas decoration? Impressive!! let me show you some of the pictures i took.

This is their Christmas Tree. Basically it's
something that looks like a Christmas tree. :)
It is something different, and classy.
The color will changed, blue, red, pink...



I still prefer the blue one.
Super nice!! Very very class!

these are very nice too!

at about 8pm, got ppl sing Christmas songs
some more!

Before this, my favorite Christmas decoration is The Curve, but now? hehe, I prefer this classy white Christmas @ The Pavilion! What about you? Which one you prefer? The Curve, The Pavilion or Mid Valley?

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