Monday, December 17, 2007

First test on the Panasonic Lumix

Last Sunday, I finally got the chance to go try out my 2 weeks old Panasonic Lumix. ya ya, till now i have not test it out. well, i'm not a big fan of camera.. I'm not a person that loves to take photos and also not a person that knows how to take photos. hehe.. What I need is a simple to use camera..:p hopefully this one is simple enough for me lar. :p

While i was at The Curve last Sunday, I took a few photos, how's the quality? not bad not bad.. I'm satisfied. hehe..but my colleague says i got shaky hands. hehe.. maybe maybe.. i forgot to turn on the anti shake thing.. :p

you can compare these photos with the one i took using my camera phone. 8 megapixels vs 2 megapixels. hehe.. can spot the difference or not?

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kljs said...

Can't seem to see any differences......