Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nice Christmas Decoration @ The Curve

We had a farewell dinner for CC at Marche, The Curve yesterday night. Oh my, they have such a nice Christmas decoration there. I remembered when i was there last Saturday, these decorations were not up yet. Oh wait, maybe because I went there at about 12am to the Redbox karaoke, that is why i missed all these decorations? Well, nvm it's not important. I have not been to other's shopping mall yet to see their Christmas decoration, but seriously i feel the one in The Curve are very nice, very Christmas feel!!

these Christmas trees are along the
restaurants street. I took the picture
before I went to Marche, already very
nice right, even the sky is still bright!!

At the main entrance, you will see this
cosy Christmas house! I purposely went up
to 2nd floor to get the whole house in the photo.
Nice right!!

beside the house, u'll see snowman!!

one at the left, the other one at the right
of the house.

It's even nicer when the night had come!

I wonder how many Christmas trees
are there? really a lot leh...

actually i prefer these more than the
Christmas trees!! hehe...

When ppl busy taking photos for their friends, kids and families, I'm also busy taking photos for my blog!! haha... It is very nice, you should really go see it for yourself. Remember to bring your camera ya... I bet you kids will love these decorations too!

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