Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The truth about the Air Asia gift voucher!

My RM 300 Air Asia gift voucher will expired in February 2008. For the past few weeks, I had been busy doing research on these gift vouchers. At first I plan to go somewhere near, then i changed my mind and planned to change flight. Due to the expensive change fees, I changed my mind again. Maybe instead of changing flights (which i need to pay the expensive change fees), I shall book a new flight? Will it be cheaper? I did a lot of mix and match, calling and submitting questions online. So finally I got all my questions about air asia gift vouchers answered. For those who have these gift vouchers, check these out!!
1. Can it be used to book online tickets?
NO (e gift voucher can be used to book online tickets, but not gift vouchers)

2. Since I can't book tickets online, where can I use these vouchers?
Book at the counter @ LCCT/KL Central..

3. Can it be used to change flight?
No, only for new bookings!

4. Can it be used for all the taxes?
No, only for air tickets.

5. When it stated there expired in Feb 2008, does that means i need to fly by Feb 2008?
No, you can fly later but you need to book before Feb 2008.
I heard booking tickets at the counter are more expensive, is it true? When there's promotions online, we can't use these vouchers. If booked at the counter, we might end up paying the same amount with the one we booked online plus we need to go through all the hassle to travel to LCCT or KL Central to make the bookings! argggg.. why can't they just give us e-gift vouchers?

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Anonymous said...

yes, some of the things that air asia offer have so many conditions on them, its so disappointing sometimes. Be keen to hear any other reviews.