Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I can't sleep without...

I love books, I can't sleep without reading. Serious? yes, i need to read before i sleep, else i can't sleep. haha.. what books i read? well, all sorts of books, but my favorite? the Chivalric fiction novel (武侠小说) and my favorite author? Jin Yong (金庸)!

I think i got 80% of all the books written by him! hehe.. quite some time ago, he had rewritten some of his books, I wanted to buy but then afraid it'll end up the same. When i went shopping last Sunday, i stopped by the Popular bookstore to have a look. A look ended up taking back with me. No lar, i did not buy the whole set, slowly lar, one at a time..

i love these small books, it's around the size
of my palm. easier for me to read and carry
around... RM 8 per book.
Are you a fan of his too?


Sean said...

I read all his novel during my secondary school~

Lifelong Sharing

Joyce said...

haha, i think i every year will re-read all his books once or twice.. still find it very nice although i've read b4!