Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My 2nd set of small small novels..

I bought another set of 'Jin Yong' (金庸) novels last weekend. 1 for RM 8, 5 for RM 40. It's true that I just bought a set not long ago, but then I finished reading already mar. 2 little small books like that can lasts how long wor. hehe. That is why when I passed by Popular bookshop the other day, I faster went in and bought another set. :p

FL asked me is there any difference, these small books with the normal size books? erm.. actually i think there's not much difference lar.. :p then why you buy some more when you already got a full set of Jin Yong's novels? Well, I got the normal size one mar, not the small size one. hehe.. it's different one.. wuahahaahaahha...

On the back of the book, it's stated there the selling price in China, is 8 dollars. China they sell it for 8 dollars, here in Malaysia they also sell it for RM 8. wow, these book shops earn so much lar.. 'sek shui sam'!! If I were to go China one day, I think i will go buy back these books from there!! can save a lot!! :p

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