Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bye bye RM 1500 ....

My friend told me he lost RM 1500 in a few hours, what is the first thing that came into your mind when you heard this? Must be gamble!! Or being robbed or snatched (nowadays seldom ppl carry that much of money around lo..)!

My first thought was, must be gamble lor, give some pocket money to uncle lim's son lor.. what else? I really couldn't think of any other thing that can caused him losing Rm 1500 in just a few hours. Then he said, no no no, not gamble lar..

He said he put the RM 1500 into his pocket (not sure is seluar or baju), then he forgot about it and took the clothes to dobi.... HAR????!!! like that also can? RM1500 is not a small amount leh, like that also can forget? Some more it's so thick, even all are RM 100 also got 15 notes lar.. aiseh..

He said when he realized his money is in the pocket, he rushed back to the dobi but it's too late, the money had already gone!! He talked to the boss, the boss said nothing can be done, nobody took the money, nobody saw the money! He threatened to call the police but still the boss said he didn't see money.

Seriously, i think even he reported to the police also no use. How can you proved your money is in the pocket? He can't proved anything!! But i still don't understand why he choose to put the RM 1500 into his pocket instead of his wallet, and how can he FORGOT about it!!!!

The only thing he can do now is.. to blame himself... So remember to check all the pockets whenever you take ur dirty clothes to dobi!!

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kljs said...

That's why never take cloths to the dobi......