Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oops, sorry! wrong card!

I was at the touch n go lane, one more car to go before me. I saw the driver in front me, slowly open his car door, and trying to touch with a light blue card that looks like our MyKad. He touched a few times but not successful, then only he realized he got the wrong card! haha! I think he really used his MyKad to scan!!

Did this ever happen to you? I guess it's quite easy to take the wrong card. Why? we got too many cards with us! For eg me, I have a touch n go card, an access card to go in to my condo, an access card for my company car park and an access card to go in to my company. see..access card also got 3 already. hehe..

how many cards do you have?


cbenc12 said...

i got many cards too, ATM cards, credit cards, isetan card, metrojaya card, company access card, tower access card, lrt card, insurance card, medical card, mykad, license, organ donation card.. y all need card one..!!!

Life's Roller Coaster~

kljs said...

I usually checked 1 to 2 kms away if I got my Touch n' Go card... if I can't find it..... then I quickly find a place to stop and find it.....

I don't want to end up reversing from the Touch n' Go lane...... it's really embarrassing!


Hester said...

Hey, MyCard actually can use as touch n' go....as long as you did top up money in your MyCard