Saturday, December 8, 2007

Diaries diaries, 2008 diaries.

I received a note from PosLaju the other day. I was at work and nobody at home. I'm only expecting the HSBC credit card, so it's 99% from HSBC. Therefore, i went to collect my credit card @ Pos Laju this morning and I'm right, it is from HSBC. :p

It's a big package, there's something else in the package besides the credit card and brochures. what's that? oooo, a free gift. hehe.. I love free stuff, especially something useful!

the credit card, brochures &
a small little diary. cool!

Till now, I already received 4 diaries. Cool! Some one gave FL 2 diaries, I got one from my insurance agent, and another one from HSBC! I remembered there's one yr, i didn't even get 1, nowadays a lot of companies want to cut cost and doesn't want to spend money on diaries already..

1 for me, 1 for FL, 1 for my aunt.
the small one? hehe, i think i gonna
use it to plan for my coming trip or
trips. :p


kljs said...

Got use for so many diaries?

adsl said...

now new fashion liao..use PDA/PDA phones/mobile phones...wuakakaka

Joyce said...

one big one small for me, the rest for others la..

haha, me old fashion ppl mar.. :p

ah yan said...

i wan diary i wan diary :P spare me one pls :p :p :p