Friday, December 14, 2007

Should i switch?

My colleagues and I were talking about the car park increasing after getting the letter from the car park management yesterday. We were all not very happy about the increasing price. Therefore we went to check out another car park (there's another new office block beside my office block, one left, one right) during lunch.

Wow, that car park is really much nicer, it's brighter, the floor is nicer (like those in the curve, hehe, a bit 'kua cheong' but very much nicer than our current car park lar...), got cctv, lot's of security guards guarding. I really like the car park as compared to my current one as the current one quite dark, the lights were dim and they closed at 8pm. If you're working late that day, you got to make sure you drive out ur car, else your car will have to stay over night there. How much is the new one? it's RM 100 per month, RM 10 more than my current one.. hmmmm... if they charged the same price i will definitely switched over lar..

should i switch?

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