Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sorry, nothing can be done!!

FL told me about this, he heard it from the radio this morning. There's this caller staying in a condo, called to complaint about her neighbor. What's wrong with the neighbor? This neighbor likes to play drums and listening to the music LOUD during midnight. It seems like he got this habit to only do these things when the clock reach 12am!!

She complaint to the guard, the guard went up and knocked on the neighbor's door but the neighbor did not answer the door. Not sure whether he can't hear it or purposely doesn't want to answer. She even called the police, the police told her they can only warned and advised the neighbor, nothing more can be done.

Finally she complaint to the management, and the management promised to get the owner of the unit to tell the tenant not to do so, which i dun think the owner cares (owner only cares when they can't get the rental!!).

I'm so surprised about the police part, when they said they can't do anything. Can't they arrest the guy if he continuously ignore their warning? The police really cannot do anything? I think i'll go crazy if i have a neighbor like tat!!

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