Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some feng shui tips for your home!

I've read about this feng shui tips on a magazine. Well, don't worry, not those asked you to buy this buy that one lar.. I don't belief in that kind of feng shui. :p

If you want better relationships with your partner or family, you should have live flowers and plants in the house. The live flowers and plants represent the communication. REMEMBER!! Don't place any artificial flowers in the house as it will affect the communication between you and your partner. Hmm, i got live plants in the house, although my live plants were all half dead (hey, half dead means half live also mar. hehe..) and I don't like artificial flowers...

If you want less misunderstandings, try to place a green plant between the stove and the kitchen sink. Let's see, i have a plant beside the sink, if i moved it between the stove and the sink, a bit 'zor deng' leh.. hehe...

If you want a healthier life, your bed must not face the toilet directly. Hmm, i've always heard about this... it will affect the woman's bladder system and the man's kidney function. wow, tat serious??

try it out lar, no money involves one.. so no harm trying. :p who knows it really can change the feng shui? right?

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