Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Argggg!!! So noisy!!!

Today is a public holiday for Selangor. I planned to rest at home, writing blogs, doing some of the stuff i love to do at home, for eg, sleep, BUT unfortunately I can't! What happened?

Early morning, i heard 'ngee ngeeeeeeeee ngeeeeeeeeeeeeee' the drilling sound coming from the above unit. Besides the drilling sound, there this' bong bong bong' coming from the unit beside or above (i also not sure where the sound coming from) that is doing renovation. Then got 'tok tok knock', the hammering sound, 'bing bing bong bong, ngeeee ngooorrrrrrrr, eeeeee' different different kind of sound. You see, how can i rest in such a noisy environment? I want to write blog peacefully also cannot.

~sigh, it's not really good when only one state got holiday...


Sean @ lifelongsharing.com said...

I have a restful day~ Happying ^^

www.keeyit.com said...

I faced the same few months back when my new neighbour did the same thing.. guess what? In the mid night !!!