Thursday, December 13, 2007

Drive under interruption(S)?

We all know that we will kena saman if we drive and use hp without handsfree. If i'm not mistaken, we also can't drive and eat. Eat chewing gum or sweets of cos ok lar, but i've seen ppl eating nasi lemak while they drive leh, dun play play, super geng! that nasi lemak some more were those wrapped with banana leaf one, that guy really got skill lar!!

Besides this, I've also seen ppl applying their make-ups while driving, u know, using the rear view mirror to apply their mascara, blush and etc. Some also likes to drive while reading lar, driving while sleepy la.. (my friends actually drive during his sleep, end up? accident lar, wat else!!)

For me, i won't answer any calls if I don't have my hands free with me. I do eat chewing gums or sweets while driving but definitely not nasi lemak!! hehe, I do sometimes read while driving, actually when the car stops lar, during traffic jam..ya i know it's not good.. :p

what about you? did you do any of these things mentioned above while you driving? or you did some extra ordinary stuff?

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