Thursday, December 20, 2007

Clearing leave?

I so so so so envy my friends lar, why? Almost all of them started to clear their leaves, which means, they are taking long leaves. Some will be on leave till next wed, some will be on leave starts from today till next yr, some even more 'kua cheong'!! took the whole December off!! How i wished i could be one of them..

I never had the chance to clear my leaves. All these years, all these companies that I've worked for, all allowed us to bring forward our leaves, so if can bring forward, no point clearing leaves mar right? hehe, but then i still envy ppl who will be on long leave la..

Are you one of these ppl? Are you currently on leave too? Oh pls, don't tell me, don't make me envy la...


Forever 28 said...

Let me make you more envy~
I starting to on leave today till next year~!
At the same time, I still carry forward 2/3 of my total annual leave to next year~! muhahahahah!!

Forever 28

kljs said...

I just started working in my new work place. So, I was advised not to take leave and carry my 2 days leave(since I only joined in December) to next year.

So, everyone in the office is trying to clear leave, while I am working..... sigh...

Anonymous said...

see when everyone clears leave

1) U are easier to do what u want in the office.
2) U get to go back home on time.
3) U get to claim your leaves later on with $$$$.
4) U don't get to see the ppl u dun like.
5) U get all the internet bandwidth to urself

in the end, it is not bad afterall, coz my hometown is penang, so even if i take leave, i'll be at home doing nothing...

so in the end, it will only be good, if u have something to do while ur on holiday, else, i dun mind going back to work while others r away wuahaha

Fei zhai said...

If can bring forward leaves good ma. Easier to resign next year. :P

shumin said...

i keep my leaves for the better worst (^____^), for a rainy day, when the sky is dark and the storm is coming, the day when you will finally move on to a newer place (^____^) ...actually...i can't take leaves oso ...working in IT line, IT line is the worst line, no live, low pay, long hours, always rushing, hmm...i think storm is coming wuaakakakaka