Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gift exchange in the office

My company will have a Christmas lunch in the office tomorrow, ppl got company dinner but my comp got company lunch? haha, anyway, we are going to exchange gifts as well. Each of us will need to prepare a gift, minimum RM 10. What can we get with RM 10? well well well, i guess a lot of ppl will buy chocolates lar.. cos we don't know who will get the gift, don't know it's a guy or a gal, so you don't really have much choice.

I prefer to buy something useful, I don't like buying decorative stuff and also food. Why no food? well, after eat no more already mar. hehe, so i prefer buy something that ppl can use lor... I bought my gift last last weekend, didn't know wat to buy at first, but when I was in the middle of shopping, i saw this, price ok, guy can use, gal can use, not bad not bad.. hehe...

After I bought the gift, I was hoping there's this wrapping service provided at the shopping mall. A lot of shopping malls provides that service mar, but the one i went to doesn't have this service. So end up I have to wrap it myself. I hate wrapping stuff lar, cos i will wrapped until very ugly one.. :p ~sigh, hope the person who gets my gift doesn't mind..

tah-dah!! are you able to guess what's this?
hehe, i let you guys know tomorrow lar (just
in case my colleagues read my blog. :p shhhh...)

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