Saturday, December 15, 2007

No keyboard and mouse?

I told FL about the Citibank promotion, buy a HP desktop worth RM 1399 for only RM 290 the other day. After he looked at the specs, he said, hmmm... they never mentioned got keyboard and mouse wor. haha, well, even without keyboard and mouse still worth it mar, right? A keyboard and a mouse doesn't cost that much also wat.

Then he said, most probably no network card, no speaker, no this and no that. hey, you can't really aspect that much for a RM 290 desktop lar. I think it's still good for normal use. If i know about this earlier, i think i won't go buy a 2nd hand monitor to replace my current one and straight away apply for this card to get the desktop la... cos after replaced the monitor i found that the pc also got some other problems.. ~sigh..

Oh ya, if you are interested, better call to ask whether the promotion still valid or not. Cos my colleague told me, the citibank ppl told her the promotion already ended (although the website stated till 31st December 2007).

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kljs said...

Just make sure the processor is there, other stuff can buy.