Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do you have a problem with bread crumbs???

I am so so so so so geram. My images were gone again. Last month, I posted the 'Fried Dory Fillet' on my yummy blog, 2 days later, all my dory fish images were gone! It's like you can see these images for today, for tomorrow, but all of a sudden, all the images go missing. I was very frusfrated back then but there's really nothing much i can do and i don't backup these images as well.

Few days ago (27 dec), I posted the 'Pork Chop With Red Sauce (红汁猪扒)' on my yummy blog, I can see the images on the 27 and 28 dec, but this morning when i checked, all the images were GONE AGAIN!! I just don't understand why it will go missing just like that!

I posted this on the blogger's help group, a person replied me asking me to check on the picasa web album to see whether all my missing images were there or not. I checked and i don't find it there. Well, if i can see these images for 2 days, that means I did successfully upload these photos to the picasa web album mar right? But how come all of a sudden it goes missing?

I tried to compare to see what these two posts had in common, then i found something. Firstly, both posts are about frying stuff, then both i used bread crumbs to fry. So ar.. do you have a problem with bread crumbs? that's y both my posts images go missing? (ya i know nothing to do with bread crumbs.. ~sigh.. but WHY??????)

Pls pls pls tell me why they go missing.. i want my images back!!! spend a lot of time taking pictures one leh.. some more these pictures looks damn nice one.. :( so sad..

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yuen said...

i'm not sure if blogspot allows hotlink images (external image source linking). but if it does, you should try to upload images to photobucket.