Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nice TVB drama, 寻秦记

I've watched the TVB drama, 'cam chun gei' (寻秦记) few years ago. It was a nice drama, I feel like reading the book after watching it. Finally I bought the books @ The Bookfest in may, the books are really expensive, costs RM 180+ for 7 books!

The books are even more interesting that the drama cos the drama had changed almost the whole story. When i finished reading the books, i felt like re-watch the drama again. hehe.. since after so long i also cannot remember ma..

For those of you who haven't watched the TVB drama before, you guys should really watched it. It's really nice. I like all the actors and actresses in that drama except one, who? The one who act as the princess, (雪儿). If you got watch the drama, you sure know who am i talking about. In the drama, she's a very kind hearted, good and pretty girl. Normally when such a nice person die, we will be very sad mar, right? But when I watched the episode where she was being killed, I was kind of happy, hehe, cos I will never need to see her again in the rest of the episodes. She should really die earlier lar. :p

My friend asked me, will you re-read the books again after you finished the drama again? haha, why not? I think i will!! But the books now are not with me, ~sigh... Hopefully the person who borrowed faster returned to me lar, hehe, already a few months oh, still haven't finished reading meh?? :P I feels like re-reading it again wo!!

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