Thursday, December 6, 2007

How much do you willing to pay to use the washroom?

RM 1? RM 2? RM 5? Free? I bet most of us will choose those FREE one, right? Have you guys heard about The Garden, Midvalley washroom, that charge ppl RM 5 per entry?

I first heard about this from a relative of mine. She went to The Garden, Midvalley few weeks ago with her family. Before she and her daughter enter the washroom, she saw a digit '5', straight away she thought it was RM 0.50 and she gave the person RM 1 for two person. The person in charge of the washroom then told her it's RM 5 per person, not RM 0.50 per person!!

My aunt got a shocked, what kind of washroom need RM 5 per entry? gold toilet bowl? She then asked whether there's any other FREE toilets available or not and the person asked her to go upstairs! Got free who wants to pay? Free one also very clean and nice mar...

Then this morning i heard the radio dj talking about this incident too. Seems like it's on the newspaper too! How many ppl willing to pay that much to use the washroom when you got other washrooms which is FREE?

What about you? Do you willing to pay? Maybe someday i should try going in and take some pictures to post in my blog. haha!! I bet a lot of ppl are interested to see how the washroom looks like!

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