Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wrong dates!!

Received a letter by mail today, hmm? from who? I don't know, it's a small white envelop. There's only a piece of paper inside the envelop. Ei, it's from HSBC wor.. let's see what it says..
"Dear Sir/Madam, Please take not that the dates for some public holidays have been changed in your Limited Edition Daily Planner 2008. The Correct dates for the public holidays listed below are:...."
haha, like that also can ar? public holidays printed wrongly on the diary? wesak day wrong, king's birthday wrong, deepavali wrong, hari raya haji also wrong.. so many wrong dates ar...geng!!


kljs said...

And they didn't sent you a replacement? Even geng!

Joyce said...

replacement? haha, they sent me that piece of paper, asked me to go correct the dates myself lar..