Saturday, December 1, 2007

Shell Citibank Card? Not worth to apply!

FL took a brochure back from the Shell petrol station when we were filling up petrol. What brochure? The Shell Citibank Credit Card. I did write a post about the Shell Citibank credit card last month, I wasn't sure whether it is worth to apply or not.

I flipped through and see whether i can find anything. you know.. I still don't believe these banks will just simply gives cash rebate to their customers, us! Well, u can't blamed me for that, after kena con by so many credit cards companies/banks, I have learned!! learned what? learned to read between the lines, learned to read the small small tiny little terms and conditions!

There were not much of information about the card, basically said upon successful application submitted between 15 November 2007 and 13 January 2008, you get to enjoy DOUBLE rebates within the first 60 days from your card issuance. Well, this is attractive!! Let see what else, they will only give us the good details and hide the bad. OK, for gold card holders, you will entitled for a 5% rebate on shell fuel if you have carried forward balance of more than RM 4K! wait a minute, does that means I have to have at least RM 4001 outstanding balance in my shell card to enjoy that 5% rebate?

5% rebate for > RM 4K outstanding balance, 2.5% rebate for <= to RM 4K outstanding balance for gold card holders. As for classic card holders, 3% rebate for > RM 2K outstanding balance and 1.5% for <= RM 2K outstanding balance. Ah-HA! told you!! banks won't be so nice to give us these cash rebates. The more outstanding balance you have, the more cash rebate they give you, of cos the more interests you got to pay them lar, so who wins? you say leh???

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