Thursday, November 29, 2007

The world had changed! Rat is now bigger than the cat!!

Remember my post on the 'Rat chased cat? Cat chased dog?'. I mentioned that the world had changed. Cats no longer afraid of dogs and rats no longer afraid of cats. Size doesn't matters anymore!!

I just received a forwarded mail from a friend, and guess what, there is really a rat that is much bigger than the cat! Check this out!!

the rat is very much bigger than the cat.
see the cat so scared of the rat!!

wow, it's really VERY BIG and FAT!!!
so GELI la!!!
the world really changed!!!!


kljs said...

actually, there are a few species of rats that are bigger than cats... and there is one species that they use to make a kind of food that is actually a delicacy in that country... (can't remember where though)....

Sean said...

Muton!!! So scary!!