Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Citibank Shell Card, worth or not worth it?

I was kind of interested with the newly launched Citibank Shell Card. What is so special about this card? well, 5% cash rebate when you pump petrol at the Shell Petrol Station. 5% quite a lot ler, some more they now having promotion, from nov till jan, instead of 5% cash rebate, they are giving out 10% cash rebate! That means if you pump RM 60, you will get back RM 6! Attractive right??

Ya, all the things you hear and see definitely is attractive, they will always tell you all the great things mar, what about the bad things? all the bad things will only appear in tiny little words under the terms n condition lor.. Scared already lar, kena conned so many times... hehe..

so now i planned to wait first, wait till ppl around us actually used the card, see what they said about the card, and then only consider worth it or not. Do you have the card? Is it another con case?


kljs said...

I don't think it is worth it, since you have to factor in the finance charges or something. They always have one item in the bill that will charge you gao gao one..... you will probably end up paying more for the fuel...

disturbedmind said...

hahaha if u already have credit card, then no need to apply another one la. but it was launched in shell house tat day. my colleagues applied. let's see how it is when they received the cards lor.