Saturday, November 3, 2007

Any nice and cheap digital camera to intro?

I am thinking to get myself a digital camera by end of this year. Why end of this year? erm, no budget lar, hahahahahahah. A lot of ppl was kind of shocked when i said i do not have a camera. yes, i don't have an old fashion camera and i do not have a digital camera as well. They asked me, how you take all these photos then? What about when you go travel? You don't take photo? Well, there's this thing called camera phone lar. hehe..

People who know me well sure know that i'm not a person that likes to take photo. However, I likes to take photos for other ppl. hehe.. Then why now want to buy digital camera? Hmmm..since starts blogging, I took a lot of pictures, ya to put it up on my blog. My phone's camera is not that canggih enough (cannot zoom too much), haha, as you can see some of the pictures are quite blur. Besides blogging, the camera will also be useful when go travel lar.

I do not have a lot of budget for the digital camera, my budget is around RM1K. I hope to get a small, nice digital camera. So camera experts out there, any recommendations for me ar? Which brand should i consider? Where to buy cheap and nice digital camera?


Anonymous said...

abt rm1k, ideally canon loh..can ask for discount, 2gb or 4gb memory card etc. Sony also good but expensive abit not so many free thg to ask... both abt 7.1megapixel or more..Olympus, kodak, pentax, etc not so user friendly.

Joyce said...

what about Panasonic Lumix? I haven't start survey yet but i do kind of like the outlook of lumix. hehe..