Thursday, November 22, 2007

50% Discount at Jogoya

Received a forwarded mail from my friend today about the Jogoya promotion. Wow, 50% discount for ladies? It's really very worth it. I remember i went to Jogoya on january this yr for dinner. One person RM 88 and with tax, one person = RM100!! it's quite costly!! but with this 50%, we only need to pay about RM50! Cool..

ya i know it's still expensive, but trust me, Jogoya buffet is different, very different from other buffet dinner, even buffet in 5 star hotels can't compete with them. They have japanese food, western food, chinese food, sea food, grill stuff, fried stuff, and lot's more. According to the brochure, now they even have Haagen Daaz and free flow of red wine & white wine. WOW!!

Why only ladies got 50% discount? hehe i also dono lar. although there's no discount for guys, they free one plate of prawns for guys. haha, u want prawns or you want 50% discount? so ladies, let's go jogoya makan makan!! Promotion starts now till mid of december. (if i'm not mistaken, only available on mon, tues, and wed, better call up and double check oh..)

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keeyit said...

Jogoya expensive.. BUT got a lot of variety