Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rat chased cat? Cat chased dog?

My colleagues and I were talking about cats, and dogs and rats during lunch this afternoon. SH said he once saw a cat ran away after seeing a rat. wuahahaha, rat bigger than cats? wow, tat's scary. Then I told them I once saw a cat chasing a dog. It is so funny. It happened when i was still in secondary school, my neighbor always feed the stray cats and dogs with left over foods behind her house. She will filled the plate with left over food everyday at that particular time.

So the cats and dogs all will wait for their food there. So one day, my neighbor brought fish for them. Ya, fish, not bone, it's fish. I do not remember why there's fish, i think they can't finished or the fish is not that fresh, so she decided to let the cats and dogs to eat it. So there's this cat, happily eating the fish, then here comes the dog. The dog is three size bigger than the cat, so we all thought the cat will ran away but who knows it's the other way round! The cat stares at the dog with all her fur standing up, wow, damn scary, then 'meowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!' and straight away the dog turned and ran away. wuahahaaha, i will never forget this scene, it was soooo funny!!

So it's no longer dog chased cat, cat chased rats anymore ya, the world had changed!

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