Thursday, November 8, 2007

Besar besar atau Kecil kecil?

I bought a whole chicken at Tesco Extra when i was doing my grocery shopping there this afternoon. The staff there asked me whether i want it to be chopped into pieces or not. Of cos, else i don't know how much time it will take me to chop a whole chicken myself.

I said yes, and then he asked me, nak besar besar atau kecil kecil? I was quite surprised he asked me this, cos normally they will just chopped without asking you. Immediately i answered, kecil kecil. I prefer smaller pieces than big pieces, easier to cook mar. So happily with the small pieces chicken, i headed home.

I normally will split the chicken into few packs before putting them into the fridge so that i won't need to take the whole chicken out to defrost when i'm gonna cook it. Instead of looking at the chicken that supposed to be chopped into small pieces, I saw BIG pieces. how big? basically i think they chopped the whole chicken into 3. Yes, that big!! If like that is considered kecil kecil, then besar besar is wat? ~sigh... where's my big big knife? I want to chop chop chop chop ....

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