Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh no!! Pls don't do that in front of me!!

I was out for dinner at a food court near my place. The food court is at the road side and I'm sitting facing the road. I was so hungry and i ordered 'wan tan mee'. After 10 minutes, my 'wan tan mee' arrived, wow it does smells great cos i'm so so so hungry! When i was about to eat, i heard a loud loud sound..'luuueeeeekkkkkkkkkkk'.

What's that?? With the chopstick on my hand, i looked up, I saw this gal, squatting down beside the car and VOMIT!!!! OH MY GOD, i am not a person that can stand seeing, hearing or smelling ppl vomitting. Immediately i turned away, i can looked at other places but i can still hear her. Then another 'lueeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkk' and another 'lueeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk'!!!!

Oh my god, i totally lost my appetite! I wait for her to finish her business, then only i forced myself to eat my 'wan tan mee'. ~sigh, really spoil my appetite. Well, maybe still consider lucky lar, cos there's no smell, else....


kljs said...

You should have leave asap..... really salute you that you still can continue eating...... :)

Joyce said...

well, it's not really that near lar. hehe, it's like 3 cars away.

but of cos, got to thank my powerful imagination also lar.. I imagined i ate in a wonderful environment. :p