Friday, November 9, 2007

For junk/spam mails, pls send it to this email add.

My very first email address created is from Hotmail and it used to be my primary email address. Then later on I created yahoo and followed by, and etc. Although i have over 10 email addresses, the most i used is still Hotmail. I make sure i check every day.

Then the arrival of gmail changed everything. Ever since i started to use gmail, i felt it's really really much more better than Hotmail. It's faster, the space given is bigger and it's more user friendly! The more i used gmail, the more i love it. Slowly, my primary email add become gmail.

What happened to hotmail then? I still checked everyday, but it seems like it's full of junk mails. Friends all sent mails to my gmail account, only junk or spam mails sent to hotmail. Maybe hotmail should be happy, as i still check hotmail everyday but i no longer used yahoo mail.

Well, after all, Hotmail is still my primary email add..... for JUNK mails. wuahahahahaha..

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