Thursday, November 1, 2007

Do you believe in Feng Shui?

Do you believe in Feng Shui? i'm 50-50 into it. What do I mean by 50-50? Well, I believed feng shui but if you need me to spend $$ to get that feng shui done, i prefer not to. So that is why I said it's 50-50.

Let me share with you a few feng shui tips i heard from, well, a lot of ppl. haha. Let's see, we should not hang our broom upside down. Should hang it properly, else your $$ will fly away. And then 2ndly we should not keep broken stuff in our house, like half broken mugs, half broken vase and etc. If you keep those, it's hard for you to keep $$ too. Oh ya, another one i heard, we should always keep USD 1 in our wallet. By doing that our wallet will always full of $$. hahaha, funny right?

well, i personally haven't tried any of the above, except the broom, i always hang properly. As for the USD 1, if you happened to have USD 1 with you, no harm trying la, maybe it works? who knows? :)

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Anonymous said...

hey..feng shui is good but don't blind blind follow lah...many of them follow feng shui and spend a lot of $$ but the effect no there. feng shui just a guildeline and give u peace of mind,,bottom line depends on urself lah...